The Arthritis in my Hands is Gone


I woke up this morning without any pain or stiffness in my hands for the first time in many months. I also noticed my knees are not as stiff and painful. This tells me that the inflammation is leaving my body.

This is just my 3rd day into this new way of living, with a complete moratorium on The Noise  all internet media and TV – in addition I should add, it is my 3rd week on a strict diet bereft of any sugar, grains, root veggies, basically anything containing carbohydrates. I already know that gluten causes some inflammation in my joints as well.

But having my hands regain their vitality and strength makes such a difference in my life, especially my work.

So, today after running errands I am returning to my experiments in graphite. I am hopeful that I will be successful because I have several pieces in mind that I’d like to create.

Happy Monday! The beginning of a glorious new week!

Until next time …