Literally Life Changing

I am still picking my jaw up off the floor, having listened to these pod casts and others like them – I had no idea why I have progressively been feeling more and more debilitated, drained, tired, defeated and depressed. I barely have the energy to get through a day and then cannot sleep at night – with unexplained body aches, inflammation. lethargy, loss of appetite, and brain fog. Recently I began noticing that my immune system cannot withstand even a small cut or scratch and that I have had outbreaks of unexplained skin infections.

I’ve been looking at my health, diet, sleeping patterns – I reviewed everything and nothing has helped. I’ve done tons of research and added herbs and more vitamins & minerals to my diet, strictly maintaining optimal blood glucose levels,  desperately trying anything to help me start feeling better.

Yesterday when I announced my decision to leave social media for a while, I immediately felt, at an intuitive level, that this was the right thing for me to do – but I had no idea just how impactful and at what extent this (social media, politics and the news)  has been damaging me at a cellular level and draining me of my Life Energy.

Energy Vampires are not just individuals – they can be institutions and systems.

Until next time …

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