Knowing When It’s Time to Log-Out


I woke-up this morning and I was feeling so peaceful, content and happy. My 4 cats joined me in bed to say good morning and get their pets and scratches behind the ears. I lay there listening to them softly purring and thought about 2 graphite drawings I wanted to work on. I thought about how I would do them and how I would film them, what music I would use and how the whole process would flow. I felt optimistic and eager to begin my day.

I got up and made a cup of coffee, turned on my computer, logged into Facebook and the very first post that hit my eyes was a political one. Adding insult to injury – this was on my Second Life Facebook account – NOT my Real Life Facebook account. I use Second Life to get away from Real Life – especially politics which do nothing but sew divisiveness and dissension among people.

Immediately it felt like a punch in the stomach, taking all the air out of my lungs. It really just set me back on my heels for a moment because I had to accept the realization that no matter how much I curate my accounts, I CANNOT GET AWAY FROM THIS GARBAGE ON FACEBOOK. Not even on my Second Life Facebook account.

After what I just went through yesterday, this hit me particularly hard.

I guess I am not like the rest of you. After 3 years of non-stop Reality TV Show political drama being jammed down my throat every single day from every media source in my life I no longer possess the energy or the will to entertain one more divisive moment, one more baited meme, one more single negative iota of this stuff in my life. I feel so rubbed-raw by the political rhetoric I see everywhere I just want to find a place to hide where no one can find me so that my mind and spirit can heal – to even have 24 hours of peace insulated away from this would be such a gift at this point. 

This morning – in an instant – I went from feeling happy, peaceful and optimistic to feeling overwhelmed, depressed and defeated.

All this drama, anger, name calling,  and emotional upheaval can be part of your world but it’s not going to be part of mine anymore. I have to take care of myself starting right now.

Until next time …

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