Might Be Time to Leave Social Media for Awhile


Today’s blog was going to be about Japanese anime art and that specific counter culture – but as I was having my morning coffee, scrolling through my Art Groups on Facebook I was visually assaulted not once, but twice in 2 different ART ONLY Groups by Pro-Trump propaganda videos.  Which I consider to be obscene.  I feel the same way about photos of dead and injured animals or people. I do not want to see that. Period.

Myself, along with several other members, commented on the inappropriateness of these video posts, that they had no business being there, and we then reported them and blocked the people who were posting them.

This worked fine in the first group – but in the second group where I encountered this issue I was then further PERSONALLY harassed by other members of the group. So I immediately reported the GROUP for harassment to Facebook and promptly left.

I use Facebook in some of the ways my parents may have used the newspaper in their day – I get my morning coffee and read the headlines – I check-in with my groups of interest, post things that I think are funny or relevant, and use Facebook Messenger to IM with close friends or family.

I don’t expect to be visually assaulted by what I consider to be highly obscene and offensive.

I’m going to be 65 soon and I have several serious health challenges. My time on this planet is quickly counting down and I am more and more acutely aware of how I spend every minute.

It took me over 30 minutes to calm down and shake-off my anger after these events this morning. That’s 30 minutes I will never get back.

Troll Reminder.jpg


Until next time …

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