The Leviathan Project

Leviathan Prep.jpg

Before I begin I want to say hello to the new blog followers! Thanks so much for coming on this journey with me!

I have not worked in graphite in over 40 years – so this drawing will be a bit like a homecoming for me. I think we all start out with a pencil or crayon when we are old enough to hold one and begin mark making.  For me it was a pencil, to be specific, a Ticonderoga #2HB. I still special order them so I can have them around the studio. I am very sentimental about some things.


In fact, one appears in a photograph of my hand with my tag line –

My Imagination Never Sleeps.jpg

Although I probably will not be using one for this drawing, it’s the symbol that counts. It serves to remind me that all I really ever need to escort ideas into form is a pencil.

Lately, I’ve been a little hung-up on comparing my work to that of others and it’s such an unhealthy and miserable place to be, both mentally and emotionally. There will always be people with more powerful computers and more talent and skill than I have. But I get caught-up in my ego sometimes, like Icarus flying towards the sun on wings made of wax,  the Universe always quickly finds a way to smack me back down to earth.

So back to the pencil I go. No computers, no Photoshop. Just illustration board and graphite.

Speaking of Photoshop though, I wanted to mention I discovered a new Font designer –

Heritage Type Co.JPG

Check him out if you have a need for Vintage typography.

Until next time …