Relaxing into Winter

I think I have made my last Post Office run for the Holidays! Accomplished a lot today, errands, grocery shopping, wrapping presents …

It’s so nice to just relax with some softly evocative music from some of my favorite films and one of my favorite composers.

My gifts to myself this year were a .03mm Mechanical Drafting pencil and some Illustration Artboard.


I haven’t worked on artboard in close to 30 years – not since I illustrated my children’s book. I did all the originals on it. I love the way the surface feels and how it takes the graphite and ink.

WM Cover Small

So I’m going to be playing around with that over my winter break.  And I’m not the only one relaxing here …

Floppy Brothers.jpg




From all of us to all of you – enjoy your Winter Naps!

Until next time …