Music I Don’t Mention Enough

hidden music vault.jpg

I rarely talk about the music I listen to when I am creating, and I really should mention it more often. Music plays such an integral part of everything I do. Obviously, it’s a big component of my short films – but beyond that, I listen to music when I am drawing, painting, designing and building 3D objects.

Music helps me develop a rich and varied creative landscape of ideas, patterns and thoughts. It adds a whole different dimension to my work. It expands my soul.

One of my favorite living composers is Joe Hisaishi, and unless you are from Japan or a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s films you have probably never heard of him.

Here are 3 of my all time favorites of his compositions for film  –

I am so grateful to composers of beautiful music that help my spirit soar ever higher.

Until next time …