Christmas Snow

new store_001.png

I was born and raised in Upstate New York. My Dad was a bush pilot and we lived on a lake in the Adirondacks during my youth. It was a magical childhood in many respects. But this time of year, especially, I yearn for snow – and at my age the best way for me to experience it is virtually!  Here are a few photos of our newest store in Second Life, partially custom built by me. I think it really turned out well.

shop snow_001.png

shop snow_002

I just love this time of year in my virtual home. There are so many winter simulations to visit and explore. December 20th I will be celebrating 8 years as a builder and virtual resident. Looking back on all that I have accomplished and learned on this platform I can tell you, without reservation, that this has been and still is a great creative outlet for me. I know some of my friends and family do not understand it and that used to bother me, because I felt like I had to “explain” what I was doing and why. But after 8 years and especially now that I am approaching 65, I no longer feel that I need to explain anything to anyone. This simply makes me happy.

Until next time …