Life with Jack, Millie, Spot and Little Sister (Laser)


Printer Kitties.JPG

Millie and her Little Sister (being renamed “Laser”) love to sleep on and behind my laser printers in the studio – this is Millie on the color printer, her sister is behind it – they are both comatose after having a big breakfast and playing with Jack and Spot like demolition derby maniacs this morning.

Laser on Printer.JPG

Laser grooming herself on the printer she was named after.

Spot passed out last night while chewing on my toes under the comforter –



And my beloved Jack … doing well on his steroid meds for asthma. I’ve only had to use the emergency inhaler once.

Laser and Spot are next in line for spay and neuter. I’ll start that process next week. I am still recovering from the power outage and dealing with a bad case of bursitis in my left knee and an injury from falling on my right knee last weekend. So I’m hobbling around on a cane for the time being.

I’ve begun looking at houses up in Washington – the financial aspect is daunting and I will need to get creative, look elsewhere, resign to stay here or beg for help from somewhere. We shall see.

Until next time …