Over 1 million people here in Northern California  have been plunged into darkness and without power or heat repeatedly for days at a time. This is due to high winds in excess of 70 MPH fueling wild fires that are started when electrical transmission lines are toppled into dry brush and trees. With days short on sunlight and temps dropping to 40 degrees and lower this has been challenging, to say the least. The power here just came back on at 4:00AM  – about an hour ago.

Right before the most recent power outage, I was able to get the 3 feral kittens I’ve been feeding in the backyard into the garage and gradually up into the house where they are now acclimating as house cats. The reason I did this is that NO SHELTERS OR RESCUES within a 120 mile radius would take them – everyone is filled to capacity.  One feline rescue shelter in Redwood City has over 600 cats!

Besides the fact that winter is coming with rain and temps dropping to the 30’s and below at night,  the kittens faced the threat of hungry raccoons and another large feral and mean alpha female who was beating the shit out of them on a daily basis. I could no longer tolerate the sounds of their screaming that was coming from outside my home.

There are 2 sisters and a brother. I have had one, “Millie” spayed and she is healing-up fine. Her brother, “Spot”, so named by his coat markings, will be neutered next followed by their little sister, the most feral of the 3, who I aptly named, “Little Sister”


Millie after spaying surgery.

Millie and I.jpg

Me and Millie. She is the sweetest kitten and really a little bundle of love.

Here’s Spot and Jack hanging out watching the girls play –


Little Sister and Millie playing hide and go seek –


Jack absolutely adores his new family – as I’ve said before, since Jack, himself, was a stray who wandered in to the yard a few weeks before they did – I have a strong suspicion they are all related by a common father. As Jack is a “chirper” and they are not, suggesting that he had a different mom. (cats learn how to chirp from their mothers)

Jack remains on antibiotics and  has been on steroid treatment for his asthma, which initially caused him to become too aggressive and eat constantly, I lowered his dose and he has calmed down significantly. Jack is much bigger and stronger than the kittens so I monitor their roughhousing and give Jack time-outs in a seperate room with me to allow them some quiet space and respite from his constant need to roughhouse.

Day 2 on Steroids x.jpg


I serve them wet food as a treat and a way to distract Spot, who still struggles with being inside sometimes – he cried incessantly the first few days – and this on top of the power outages really began to wear on me emotionally. I got 4 hours of sleep during the first 72 hours of having them in the house.

I had been posting our saga on social media and with friends online, some of who chose to label me as “nuts” or “crazy” for taking them in.  I don’t know what these people would have me do instead? Let them die out there? Maybe to you this is nuts – but to me it is simply called KINDNESS. A very dear friend of mine in Florida who operates an exotic animal refuge from her home agrees – what are we to do? Turn our backs on these animals in need? Ignorant people who do not spay and neuter and then abandon these animals or buy them thinking they can “manage them” only to find out it takes work, food, shelter and patience to care for ANY LIVING MAMMAL. You want to know who I think is nuts? It is these ignorant fuckers who CAUSE the problems that people like me and my friend in Florida then have to cope with and clean-up.  

Obviously, all creative work has stopped in the studio until we can get past these power outages and I can get these kittens adjusted to their new life here in the House of the Traveling Moon. My cataracts and worsening glaucoma make it difficult for me to see in low light, and that is another added stress in my life.

But the power is on for now and the heat as well – so we are all happy campers this morning! I have hot coffee and a warm house full of light and love.

Another power outage is predicted for later today or tomorrow.

Until next time …