Skulls & Flames – Welcome to Airbrushing

I used an airbrush over 30 years ago for a series of fantasy paintings I did – they all sold out at a show in a bank, of all places – LOL. I put the airbrush equipment away and it has sat in storage – including the compressor – for 30 years.

When I first learned airbrushing back then it was BEFORE the internet (BI) so all I had was one book I found in the art section of a local bookstore. I had no idea that airbrushing is really the domain of custom car and motorcycle painters.

I recently unpacked all my airbrushing equipment – you can see me using it on the Whale WIP Video 

I was honestly surprised that my little air compressor started right up and worked. As well as my Aztek airbrush. My other airbrush, a Badger Crescendo 175T required a lot more cleaning and rebuilding to get back into working order.

Naturally – I hopped on the interwebs to see what others were doing with airbrushes – and quickly discovered a LOT of skulls, flames, blood, heavy metal, and tigers. LOL

All the artists had business names like, Killer Paints, BloodShot, Evil Paint,  Grim Customs, Hot Rod Hell, yadda, yadda, yadda. Obviously Satan’s minions are big into airbrushing. What makes this funny is that I want to use my airbrush to create peaceful snowy Christmas card designs – LMAO

But I found one guy in Canada (BloodShot) who really had some good info – so I watched a lot of his videos and learned quite a bit.

However- watching all these videos about badass airbrush artists began to make me want to have a BADASS airbrush name – so I made one – it’s not really “heavy metal satan badass” – it has more of a French retro dieselpunk vibe …  LOL

Aerographe logo.png

Until next time …