The Great Power Outage and Other Recent Misadventures

Jack snuggle 10-12-2019.jpg

Jack is recovering well from a recent brush with asthma and an upper respiratory infection – snuggling with me on the couch watching the sunrise this morning.

We went through a nearly 3 day power outage at the hands of our corrupt utility – Pacific Gas and Electric, who’d rather hoard their billions in profit than use it to bring their equipment up to date or trim trees and bury lines in high risk areas. So basically, they TURNED OFF THE POWER to 1 MILLION PEOPLE in Northern California to avoid an incident during a high wind & low humidity event we had here.

During the outage I mostly read all day and finally finished this book –

Gorey by Dery.jpg

For many decades I have felt that Gorey and I are true soulmates – for a myriad of reasons as both artists and people – and so I have collected just about every book ever written about him AND every book he illustrated. I wish I had written to him when he was alive, just to say “Thank You” – but alas I never did. In fact I have a cherished photo of him hanging in my living room –


It hangs right below the framed print of one of my favorite illustrations by him –


Which succinctly and with great charm sums-up my entire life philosophy.

Gorey in LR.JPG

Gorey Tribute in my Living Room

So onward we go – I am working on the Greeting Card and Post Card ideas – and of  course, after reading the Gorey book I am reminded of all the little pen and ink illustrations and small book ideas I have as well.

Getting affordable quality supplies of unprinted recycled card and envelope stock has proven to be a bit more challenging than I had anticipated – and so my first round of offerings may not be on recycled paper as I had hoped BUT – One Tree will be planted for every purchase regardless – as that will be true for ALL my art from now on.

This time of year also marks all my large annual bills – the house insurance and property taxes, cell phone plan, anti virus for all computers, blah, blah, blah – so money is a bit tight right now but I will find a way to make due. I also had not planned on having 5 more mouths to feed …Spot, Milly and Little Sister.JPG

“Spot” and his sisters, “Millie” and “Little Sister” eating breakfast – their parents also stop by for snacks.

I am still waiting for an animal shelter or rescue to open-up space so I can find homes for them. Until that time – they are my little charges.

I got them an outdoor cat shelter (dog house) and added an outdoor electric pet heating pad for those cold nights as we are heading into winter and the temps can drop to 30 degrees. The 2 sisters seem to really enjoy it.

cat shelter

Spot seems to have some Siamese blood in him with his long angular face and body and I wonder if he and Jack are related somehow – since Jack first appeared right beside my backyard gate here just 3 months ago –

Spot (1).JPG

Honestly – were it not for Jack’s FIV status I would have ALL of them in my house. Problem is my vet and I both suspect Jack caught this upper respiratory infection from being nose to nose at the back door screen with them – it happened so fast I could not catch him in time – and so now I take numerous precautions to keep he and them completely separated.

I got some bad news from my Eye Dr. that my glaucoma has gotten worse – my eye pressures have risen since my last yearly check-up despite being on eye drops for the disease. So I will be seeing a specialist this coming week and my guess is he will prescribe a stronger medicated eye drop. I can’t even put into words how I feel about going blind – so I won’t.

This and Spring are my favorite times of year – the temps are cooler and it all just feels so cozy! I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas as well – this will be Jack’s first Christmas and First Christmas Tree – May the Siamese Gods Help Us – HAHAHAHAHA.  I’m envisioning something akin to this image –


Until next time …