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Jack belly 10-7-2019

Jack has asthma.

We had a vet visit today and had his lungs and heart x-rayed. The vet says there is mild inflammation in his lungs but his heart looks good and she is going to give me dose & prescription info for inhalers that I can order from Canada (because they cost a lot less)

Jack has also grown from 8 pounds (he was starved and very sick when he came to me) to a whopping 12 pounds!

I went through the house and got rid of every chemical and scented cleaning product and replaced them all with natural plant-based unscented cleaners some I made myself and some I purchased.

Due to extreme fire danger we are going to have our power shut-off from 1 to 5 days this week – so if you don’t see me online that’s why.

I have been struggling with sciatica and a bad knee (on the same leg) which I blew-out 20 years ago – but have never had fixed. I’m hoping to get it addressed once I get on Medicare next March. So I’m in quite a bit of constant pain right now and not too sociable. Constant pain over time can really cause me to become depressed and withdrawn.

And for no explicable reason – perhaps all the fire threats – my house value LOST 20K in the past 6 months. That’s also depressing.

So that’s about it from here – not much good news to report right now.

Until next time …




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