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3 little kittens aged 3 -6 months have found their way into my backyard. Starving, I have been feeding them and giving them water and letting them have the safety and shelter of my backyard.

I have called EVERY Animal Shelter and Rescue in my county and others as far away as the Bay Area – 130 miles south of me – NO ONE will help me. NO ONE will take them. Here’s the response from one place – where I adopted 2 cats about 15 years ago –

From – Nine Lives Foundation
Thank you for having adopted your 2 cats from us. Unfortunately, we have over 600 cats in our care and we are so over-loaded that we are not able to help you. I know this is not what you want to hear from me. Unfortunately that is the truth and we wish you the best of luck in finding help.

My own Vet, with whom I have spent thousands of dollars, refuses to give me a deal to get them at least neutered and spayed.

The ASPCA wants $320.00 to neuter and spay them supposedly LOW COST – BUT will not take them.  I have been literally PLEADING with these places.

I cannot let them live in my house because Jack is FIV+ and we also have a Beagle living here – 4 cats and dog is more than I can handle, especially financially.

The Irony is I have just finished the final Endangered Species film in which I highlight the special relationship and love between humans and animals.

So tonight I am sitting here thinking that the world is nothing more than a horrible, corrupt, broken, dark place inhabited by thoughtless, evil, selfish people who abandon little kittens.

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