Seeing the Finish Line

Bookmark Set # 4.jpg

Set #4 is done – 4 more days to create 6 more bookmarks and release the Final Film!

Although at times creating 30 bookmarks and 10 short films in 30 days felt so very daunting – I saw it through and I am so elated that I have!

This project has changed so many things about how I will approach my work going forward – there will be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT of the new Roll-Out in a couple weeks after this is completed.

In other news – many of you know I took-in a stray Siamese cat a couple months ago who was severely ill and starving – well after lots of meds and love he’s gained 3 pounds and has made my heart his forever home – Here’s Jack –


So … apparently word has gotten out since I took-in Jack that my backyard is where you go if you are a cat in need. These 3 little guys (age 3 to 6 months) began hanging around a couple weeks ago – they appear to not belong to anyone in particular and were starving and near feral – so I am feeding them and trying to get them to trust me so I can transport them to the animal shelter.

Backyard of Eternal Hope.jpg

Until next time …