Battling Discouragement


Although the Whale making-of video got 128 views the ones that followed got less than 10 views each. The people who DO watch the making-of videos say they love them and that warms my heart.

It takes me most of each day to make those videos and I enjoy making them but the question is –  if less than 10 people are going to watch them, should I even continue putting-in all the work it takes to make them?

I have tried to figure out how other artists gain followings with these types of things – I have 4 Followers on my video channel.  ‘Peter Draws’ over on YouTube has 754,491 followers. Draw with Jazza has 4,573,168 followers …

Yes, yes I KNOW I should not be comparing myself to others – I know how psychologically damaging that can be. I know that social media numbers should mean nothing to me and that I should just keep going. But the fact remains that these low viewer numbers discourage me.

Until next time …