Stop Feeding The Darkness

Stop Feeding the Darkness.jpg

There is little doubt by now that a growing darkness is spreading across our planet. Both metaphorically with the rise of hate and fascism and literally, with the Amazon on fire and it’s smoke blotting-out the sun.

I think that every time one of us reacts to the threat of this darkness with anger, outrage, and lashing-out at each other – we are actually feeding it and making it grow stronger.

This darkness feeds off OUR negativity. It feeds off OUR negative reactions to it. It feeds off OUR fear. It continues to grow and spread because we continue to feed it negative energy.

Now, I know I am just one person who has chosen to stop doing this. But I am asking others to join me. Just as a great conflagration can spread across a continent when started by a spark – so too can the light of love and reason spread across the world – one person at a time.

If you have a plant and you stop watering it –  the plant will die. The same holds true for this situation. We must stop feeding the darkness and allow it to die and leave our planet so that Love and Reason can begin to guide us.

It is always darkest before the dawn and I believe we are seeing that now – this  darkness grows more and more unstable each day, flailing and more radically unbalanced. You can see it in the comments and actions of its proponents.  I think we are entering the threshold of the awakening of consciousness on our planet.  I think that’s why the darkness is starting to become so erratic – it knows it’s about to be ushered off the planet.

So I am asking you to please join with me and stop feeding the darkness. Stop reacting to it even for just one day and see if you feel a difference. I know I have.


Until next time …