Newer is Not Necessarily Better

old Logitech Software.PNG

I am filming work on an acrylic pour / ink piece and using a new set-up with 2 Logitech Web Cams. The newer camera when installed caused the software to do an auto-update and the new capture software was absolutely horrendous. It blurred the image and caused the focal length to zoom way in even further distorting the image.  I tried everything to fix the issues and nothing worked – after exhausting all options I remembered an old trick to get a computer to install and use older software –

I uninstalled the new software. Restarted the computer and unplugged my internet cable. (Thus it could not check for an updated version on install)

Then I went to my downloads folder and found the OLD software, dragged it to the desktop and installed it – it worked like a charm!  Problems solved!

problem solved.png

Until next time …