The Return of Dan and Cleo


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I had pulled my Second Life webcomic off the internet immediately after the stalking incident to give myself time to weigh all my options and consider ways of protecting myself going forward.

Then I began re-reading a really great book now 10 years old …


And it reminded me of so many things I learned a long time ago and forgot over the years … “What you fight will strengthen.” and “What you resist persists.”

“What you resist persists” is just another way of saying “Don’t focus on what you don’t want.” Because when you are resisting things you don’t like that’s EXACTLY what you are doing — FOCUSING on what you DON’T WANT!

Psychologist Carl Jung contended that “what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.”

I’ve been giving toxic, negative things and people way too much of my time and energy lately.  Reading this book has reminded me of this, renewing and refreshing my spirit.

So the webcomic is back! Yay!  Because I have so much fun producing it!

Today’s comic is my homage to a beloved Jim Davis  cartoon from 1994 which has been on my refrigerator for 25 years …


Until next time …


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