Moving Forward

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I was busy, minding my own business, designing and building a virtual online art gallery that would bridge my Second Life creations with my Real Life art when I was stalked and attacked in Second Life (slander and defamation of character) by a White Nationalist Trump Supporter. Who tracked me down in REAL LIFE from my Second Life account (I have no idea how long they had been stalking me) and took notice of an anti-Trump post I made regarding a hate group I had discovered operating within Second Life.  Which must have REALLY pissed them off.

For the record – I still stand by my statement- “It is time for us to DISRUPT AND REMOVE the online presence of white nationalists, neo nazis and fascists. They have no place in a civil society and they need to crawl back under the rocks they were hiding under before Trump was elected.” 

At any rate, this unpleasant incident has thrown-off my work rhythm and productivity as has the introduction of a new member of my family  – Jack.

Handsome Jack.jpg


cat toys.jpg


THE JACK BAG.jpgJack appeared in my backyard 3 weeks ago, starving, dehydrated, un-neutered, dirty, sick with a bad eye infection, a broken tooth, fleas and worms.

I immediately took him to my vet where he was scanned for an ID chip, when none was found I took ownership of him and had the vet give him “the works” – in his first re-check after 11 days he had gained 1.2 pounds and had recovered wonderfully from his neutering surgery.

Jack is an adolescent and needs a LOT of play time and stimulation to keep him happy – just this morning I moved the big cat tree into the living room to give him some added activities –


He seems to enjoy it too!

When my last Siamese, Oscar, passed away last September I swore I would not get another cat, I even said to a family member at that time that the ONLY way I would get another cat was if a male Siamese walked up to my  door and said “Take me.”

Well that is essentially what happened here. Who am I to argue with the Universe?

So – I am now way behind on my project and left wondering, after this stalking episode, if I should even continue to pursue it to the extent that I wanted to as far as bridging my two worlds of creativity.  This stalker may not have acted alone, White Nationalists, Fascists and Neo Nazi’s are cowards and therefore tend to move in packs for a sense of security. Like what we saw in the Charlottesville Neo Nazi march. They become emboldened by being with their own kind except in the extreme cases like mass shooters.

Thus – I have a decision to make.

I had a wonderful weekend relaxing with my Girlfriend, we took a mini-vacation and it was so needed and so relaxing. I think I need more relaxing and less stalkers – although it did inspire me to develop a new product for my Second Life store! I actually laughed until I cried the first time I tested this thing out.

My Favorite Stalker.jpg

41673888_470615063441805_749244228604788736_n (1).png

Until next time …