Picked-Up a Cyber Stalker

Unfortunately I have picked-up a Real Life cyber stalker from Second Life. This is not my first rodeo with mentally disturbed individuals online but sadly it means I will be weeding-out my contacts on social media in BOTH my RL and SL accounts to only people I know in person or can validate in Second Life. Everyone else has got to go. Subsequently, I will be taking security measures in my Real Life.

The person who is stalking me is apparently a rabid Trump supporter and they were set-off by some disparaging remark I made about him and decided to pursue me online and extract their revenge. Sadly, this did not turn out well for them.

Like so many of his supporters, this person thought they could “Bully” me online the way Trump Bullies little Mexican toddlers in cages at our Southern Border.




Until next time …

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