Jack The New Studio Cat

4 days after surgery

After Oscar died last September I swore I would never get another cat. I said to family and friends that unless a male Siamese cat literally showed-up at my door, there would be NO MORE CATS.

A week ago today a starving, dehydrated and mangy, flea ridden, emaciated and unneutered male Siamese cat with severe eye infections and a broken tooth came to my backyard where he was swiftly scooped-up by my housemate who was having coffee in the back yard – she handed him to me and in astonishment asked, “What is it with you and Siamese cats?”

The backstory to this is that all my life sick and abandoned male Siamese cats have always found me – they show-up at my front door, wander into the backyard, or seemingly drop from the sky. Always male and always Siamese.

I immediately called my vet and they saw him right away – he truly was a mess. They scanned him for an implanted ID chip and when none was found I told them I would take ownership of him and I wanted him neutered, tested and treated for all his ills – including worms and fleas. Of course I also wanted him ID chipped.

Jack’s blood tests showed he had FIV, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, but other than that he was fine. All this meant was that I need to take extra precautions with him because he cannot fight off infections as well as a healthy cat and that he can not be exposed to other cats. Later in life Jack may have issues with cancer, but for now ( he is an adolescent) he should be okay.  ALL my cats are always INDOOR cats – so his future is secure.

He gets antibiotic eye ointment applied twice a day and is also on an oral antibiotic he gets every 24 hours. His left eye is still a bit wonky but he is so much better than he was a week ago.

He came thru is neutering surgery just fine and recovered well. He struggled a bit with comprehending the litter box use – we had a couple accidents, but now he is a pro at potty time and I am feeling certain he will continue to use it.

He has a voracious appetite and thirst and hopefully he will gain weight quickly and grow into his FEET – omg they are huge. HAHAHAHA He looks like he is already filling-out after just 7 days of good loving and lots of nutritious food.

Jack 7-29-2019 (2)

Jack already has a little following on Facebook so he’s off to a good start on Social Media just as his predecessors have done.

And so we welcome Jack to the Undisclosed Studio!

Until next time …