Pushing Limits

MM Talent Poster

I have learned a couple hard lessons recently and they both involved “pushing my limits” too fast and too hard.

One was at the gym where, I was feeling over-confident and in an effort to beat my rep and weight record for the week, I picked-up too much weight while doing lunges and badly injured  lower back and hip muscles. It has taken me over a week and I am still  recovering from that painful injury.

The other involved my design work in the virtual world and again, feeling over confident and boastful, I ran my mouth off when I should have kept it shut.

Both have been painful lessons to learn because it is NOT the first time for me to learn either lesson. I have been here before on both fronts.

So now – I am much more careful to pace myself at the gym and to keep my fucking mouth shut about my prototype design work.

Rather than beat myself-up over these 2 mistakes, (like I normally do with negative self talk)  I decided to do the opposite this time and treat myself as if I were my own best friend.  I reminded myself of all the good qualities of my work ethic, my persistence in problem solving, dedication to my creative vision and innovation, patience, fortitude, and most of all, my willingness to work harder than anyone else and my ability to minimize distractions and get the job done.

When life hands you lessons I hope you are able to learn your own in a gentler and more thoughtful way also.

Until next time …