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I’m finishing the second month of my new gym regime and I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard with weight workouts – harder than my cardio.  The problem is that I am now having to deal with recovery days –

“Lactic acid is essentially produced as an alternative energy source during intense exercise when the muscles have run low on glucose and oxygen. It’s the reason you get a burning sensation at the end of a set during a weightlifting workout.

When this lactic acid hangs around, you’re usually sore for 1 to 2 days after a workout. That’s why anything that helps clear it out (like active recovery) will help with post-workout pain.”

So I am pretty damn sore – (especially my glutes, hip flexors, abdominals, and upper back)  and have been looking for recovery tips and I found this video –

I found a tennis ball and tried it – and it REALLY WORKS!

This massage in conjunction with good hydration, stretching and protein replacement should help make my recovery between workouts easier.


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