Pray for California

fire 6-9-2019

Fire season has begun here and the nearest fire to me, about 95 miles away, named-  “The Sand Fire”, went from 100 acres yesterday to 1,700 as of this writing, 7:30 AM today. High winds and Hot Temperatures – in the mid 90’s and predicted to go into the 100’s Monday – are driving it south westward – in my general direction.

The Sand Fire

If you were reading my blog last year you know we went through utter hell here and I really do not know if I can withstand another summer of fire and smoke.

I have been weighing my options to sell the house and move back east (NY State) to where I am originally from. I have family and friends back there as well as someone special who I’ve been dating on-line. We’ve decided to just date for 6 months and then see where we are at that point, if we decide to continue on we are both wanting to take our relationship into Real Life – so that would be a FIRST for me. Many women have fallen in love with my avatar over the years but not “me as a whole person” and this is an amazing difference. After rushing into my last relationship, ignoring red-flags and getting my heart crushed – I am in no hurry to repeat those mistakes.

Last month I began going to the gym twice a week with a personal trainer and that’s really yielding some great results.

To catch you up on what I’ve been doing in the studio – I created an online virtual beach entertainment venue that had it’s Grand Opening this Friday – had a blast and a fairly large crowd showed-up both Friday and yesterday. I called it Mystic Wave Beach and it has all kinds of fun activities like Surfing, Scuba Diving, Exploring, Zip Lines, Drinking, Dancing, Shopping, Partying, Chillaxing, AND a T-Rex High Dive! Where you dive off the top of a giant T-Rex’s head into the surf below. Here’s some pics –

To access this place online – follow this SLURL –

Mystic Wave Beach

Until next time …