Yes – let’s take a moment to get down on our knees and THANK THE UNIVERSE for REALITY. For being GROUNDED IN REALITY. For being SLAPPED IN THE FACE WITH REALITY! For being HIT IN THE HEAD WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER OF REALITY!  (seriously, I could on and on and on with these metaphors …)

I know if you’re a regular reader – you see all the damn detours I take, creatively and personally – in real time!  I’m like a marble in a pin ball machine – bouncing all over – living my life as some kind of bizarre series of reactions to everything AND everyone around me. I see something shiny and off I go!

I’m like some out of control obsessive over-eater at a 24 hour buffet. I  go from one interest to the next, learning all I can about it and then moving on to the next.  It could explain why my subscriber numbers are up – LOL – ya’ll up in here reading my blog like – “What dis crazy MOFO gonna do today?”

*** NOTE***  Now when it comes to my relationships I am seriously reeling-in this behavior because I do see how damaging it is for both myself and the people who are attracted to me.  But as far as my creativity goes – 

I blame retirement.

When I retired, it was like my ‘mind valve’ was suddenly opened FULLY and 62 years of suppressed, repressed imagination and intellectual curiosity came gushing forth and after 2 years it is STILL GUSHING.

fire hydrant

I wish I could tell you things are going to change … but alas, I cannot and will not.

Why? Because as my favorite quote from ‘Auntie Mame’ states quite eloquently –

“Life is a buffet…and most poor bastards are starving to death.”

Until next time …