I’ve Been Wrong For Over 10 Years

I’ve been wrong about something for over 10 years. And today, notably one of the worst days I have had  in many months, I discovered I was wrong about this thing and I want to make a public statement about it.

I have argued with everyone within listening distance for over 10 years that Second Life was NOT A GAME.  I believed it was a virtual social construct.  A virtual world within which people socialized, built businesses, had relationships, made friends and generally enjoyed exploring and adventures they could not easily pursue in the real world.

I was wrong. As it turned-out, I was DEAD wrong.

Second Life is a Game. Second Life is a Vampire Game.

Vampire Game

And all the normal residents of Second Life going about their daily routines, building, buying, selling, exploring, dancing, are nothing more than food for Vampires who drain them of their “virtual life” in order to gain stature in their Vampire Clans.  And they NEVER EVEN KNOW IT unless someone with a Vampire scanner tells them.

How did I learn this?

I went to a party tonight with a gal who happened to belong to a Vampire Family – she scanned me with her “Vampire HUD” scanner and my avatar showed-up as dead.

The “I” that I am in Second Life was dead.

My avatar was dead.

She explained to me that at some point during my 7 years with this particular avatar, a Vampire had come within a few meters of me, perhaps while I was Away From My Keyboard, and drained the life force out of my avatar.

My avatar. My virtual body.  The Avatar I use as my virtual surrogate had been violated – something akin to digital rape.

Maybe I had been dead for years, we will never know.

I had become “FOOD” for a Vampire so they could rise in stature within their Vampire Clan.

Second Life is a Vampire Game. I’ve been wrong for over 10 years. Second Life is about PREDATORS AND PREY and I was the prey.

And everything I ever thought Second Life was all about was suddenly swept away in my mind. Gone in an instant. I had not been living a virtual life all these years – I had only been a food source for a Vampire in a Vampire Game.

A dear friend of mine had told me over and over – “Don’t fall for the fantasy of Second Life.” Well, boy howdy – Now I finally KNOW what she meant.

Food For Vampires

Until next time …

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