Keep Your Broken Heart Open

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When someone fucks you over in a relationship it can be very “lonely making” – first of all, you feel like you are the only one on the planet who’s been so stupid and naive as to get your heart broken, second of all, you have a lot of pent-up anger and frustration and no one to share it with because none of your friends understand exactly what you’ve been through and you don’t want to assail them with your negativity.

But Life always has a Plot Twist if you keep your broken heart open enough to see it when it appears on your horizon.

I have a Facebook Friend who had been following my posts, and I hers, for quite some time. As she was reading my posts about the break-up (she was going through the same thing) she reached-out to me in an IM and basically said “Hey!! I’m going through the exact same thing!”

We are forming a friendship that includes activities like concerts, surfing and dancing – She actually wants to DO things with me!

mystery dance partner

So – if you have a Broken Heart – try to keep it open – if only just a little – you never know who might be on the outskirts of your life, seeing what you are going through like this woman was – thinking, “Wow, I’d treat this guy a LOT better than that.”

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