Studio Whack-a-Mole Tetris

studio door 2019

Well peeps,  re-organizing the studio and garage workshop continues on … and on … and on … and on ….


Moving things around, putting some tools in storage to make room for new ones, cleaning-up 2 years of lazy filing and categorization. I thought remodeling the studio bathroom was challenging but this is actually more difficult! HA!

In addition to this I am going to be upgrading my video capabilities with new booms and the addition of a DSLR, which I already own, and perhaps a more sophisticated video camera. I currently use 2 Logitech C-920 webcams, which are pretty good and very affordable but they lack the higher-end camera’s ability to deal with Gamma and white balance effectively.  My last 2 video releases garnered 5 times more views than the rest of my work – so I think I may be on to something with these WIP’s set to eclectic music.

I’m also still working on my Certified Therapeutic Art Coaching stuff and hope to have that extension to my website finished in a couple weeks. I am really excited about this and once I design the sessions – going out into the world and offering them.

But first things first. Get the studio expanded and new equipment installed.

Life news – I now go to the gym twice a week and have a personal trainer!  I had my physical testing done this morning and I was told that I’m in pretty damn good shape – despite my gammy leg- and the Nurse who did the testing was surprised at my amount of upper body strength.  Not bad for an old fart! ( I had been crushing aluminum cans all day yesterday – LOL)

Ok – I want to finish this rearranging by tonight. The new wire drying racks arrive tomorrow and I’ll be busy assembling them in the workshop.

Area 51 Studio

While I’ve been working today I’ve been listening to my collection of Suzanne Vega which is vast and uncompromising,  lol … here’s a special favorite –

And a thought for today …


Until next time ….