Artists Beware! Email Art Scam

art scam

” Hello There, 
How are you doing? My name is Albert Johnson from Brownsville TX. I have been on the lookout for some artworks lately in regards to I and my wife’s anniversary which is just around the corner. I stormed on some of your works which i found quite impressive and intriguing. I must admit your doing quite an impressive job. You are undoubtedly good at what you do. 
With that being said, I would like to purchase some of your works as a surprise gift to my wife in honor of our upcoming wedding anniversary. It would be of help if you could send some pictures of your piece of works, with their respective prices and sizes(bearing it in mind that my budget is within $500-$5000)which are ready for immediate sale.
I look forward to reading from you.
Best regards,
Mr. Johnson “
I’ve received a couple of these in the past year. The first one I didn’t realize was a scam so I emailed the guy back and told him I was too busy to do commission work and everything I have for sale is available on my website and Society6  – he wrote back and began arguing and pleading with me to do the job for him which made me even more uncomfortable so I cut him off and marked it as spam.
I just got this one yesterday and recognizing it as identical to the first one I did some research – it is a scam that’s been running for over 5 years now. Note the bad English in this one – “I stormed on some of your works ” – probably from India which seems to be the scamming hot spot lately.
This guy had a Gmail account: 
If this happens to you with gmail – here’s what to do –
Until next time …