New Second Life Short Film

shhh Filming

I was out running errands the other day and heard this song on the radio that IMMEDIATELY got my creative juices going. I often see my creative projects fully formed in their completed state when I first think of them – it’s weird and hard to explain but apparently Mozart had the same creative quirk –

“The whole, though it be long, stands almost complete and finished in my mind so that I can survey it at a glance. Nor do I hear in my imagination the parts successively, but I hear them, as it were, all at once. What delight this is I cannot tell!”   -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

My partner, Sonia, is very ill with pneumonia and so, to occupy myself while she is not online I thought I  would try out some filming ideas I’ve had. I’m going to be using a new capture software, abandoning the tried and true Fraps for Snagit from TechSmth.

We shall see how it goes!

Until next time …