Still Virtually Busy


I’m still very busy with my virtual businesses – I actually had to build an addition to expand my already massive 3 story warehouse workshop to house all my current projects.


I watched a couple videos today by professional artists who make their living through social media and YouTube. It was heartbreaking really. They both went on about how pressured they are to provide content on a daily basis – or else they lose their market and viewers. Apparently YouTube has algorithms that force people to produce popular content daily OR lose market share and face demonetization.

I feel bad for them because they never really get to be artists – all they are doing is self-marketing 24/7 – putting on a show.  Creative ideas take time to gestate and creativity takes a good amount of  PLAY as well – the freedom to play with ideas and experiment is what true creativity is.

Anyways – I was thinking about all this today and feeling so very grateful I stepped off of that social media hamster wheel.

Until next time …