Expense vs Value

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I collect fountain pens when I can afford to do so.  I do not own many really expensive pens but I use and enjoy every pen that I collect. I have one favorite that I keep on my drawing table at all times and that is my 25 year old  $2.79 Fountain Pen.

I was recently watching an artist’s YouTube channel where he was demonstrating a rather expensive fountain pen he’d been sent by a rather high profile fountain pen company (I will not mention his name or the name of the company to spare them embarrassment)

Long story short – the expensive pen would not work properly during his demonstration and I found myself laughing out loud watching this unfortunate display unfold. Because it is a perfect example of something that took me a long time to learn as an adult. Expense does not equal Value.

Collection 2019

Above: My Fountain Pen Collection – April 2019

The most expensive Fountain Pen in the world is the Diamante. A pen so exclusive that Aurora only makes one every year. 30 carats of diamonds rest on The Diamante’s solid platinum barrel. It’s topped with an even larger diamond, and has a nib of 18-carat gold. A discerning purchaser can get their pen emblazoned with their family coat of arms, a signature, or a portrait. The pen has no set price, but the best estimate is $1.28 million.


$1.28 Million Dollars

Besides being visually butt-fuck ugly I don’t know much about how it performs. I can only guess that it does not perform any better than my 25 year old $2.79 Fountain Pen from Barnes & Noble.

Lately I’ve been lamenting over my state of personal finances. Too many bills, being ripped-off by my bank on my mortgage, being ripped-off by my retirement investment company, the list just goes on and on and most recently I got ripped-off by Pay Pal over an Ebay purchase – it just seems like I cannot catch a break.

But then I stopped and really thought about the VALUE to be found in my life. Just like my trusty $2.79 fountain pen – there are many things I have overlooked recently that I truly need to be grateful for.

  1. I am free. I answer to no one. I am no longer on my knees begging the corporate masters for table scraps. I worked for a Multi-Billion Dollar corporation in Silicon Valley that treated me like shit every fucking day until I became so miserable and beat-down I could barely function. I no longer have to deal with that petty crap.
  2. I own my own studio. I create what I want to create when I want to create it.  I don’t require anyone’s approval. I create exactly what I want to.
  3. I’ve met the love of my life. I have found the perfect life partner and could not be happier.
  4. I am constantly learning and exploring. I have the luxury of time and the freedom to learn any subject I want.
  5. I am generally physically healthy.  At 64 I am in pretty good shape and can physically do just about everything I need to do on a daily basis.
  6. I get by financially. Despite my limited retirement income I am comfortable for the most part.
  7. I have REAL friends. The people in my life who love me are genuine and not phony. They love me for who and what I am.
  8. I am happier and more content now than I have ever been before. 

So – I got reminded of a valuable lesson watching that little video about an expensive yet sadly defective fountain pen.



Until next time …