Picture 63

“After age twenty-five, you’re not a victim anymore — you’re a volunteer.”
― Chip Kidd


I’m still working on improvements to the studio, repainting and re-organizing.  But as I am working on mundane tasks my mind is always busy on more creative things. I find that doing something different from being creative really helps me to think even more originally and creatively.

More than that – I’ve been thinking about how I approach my work both personally and professionally. As with my recent changes to social media representation I have decided to also change the motivational focus on my work.

Picture 65

“If you don’t like looking at it – don’t draw it.” 

Initially I create everything because it is something I want to see in the world – but somewhere along in the process that desire warps and morphs into a desire to please a nebulously perceived audience or meet some imaginary set of impossible standards based on the work of other commercially successful artists.

This practice has not served me at all over the past 2 years that I’ve been working full time as a creator. If anything, it has hindered my development on multiple levels – not the least of which is my sense of self as an artist.

So as I put the last coats of paint on the walls and containerize and shelve the last of my art supplies I will be turning my attention back to my creative work, finishing the book and exploring new ideas that have ignited my imagination. But I will be doing so no longer concerned about what an audience might think of it or how it compares to the work of other artists.

“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.”   –  Iyanla Vanzant

Until next time …