April Fools? & Social Media Change

Drawing Table 4-1-2019


The renovations to the studio continue – new shelving and containers for organization and storage. I’m waiting for 2 more deliveries and I think that will complete the job.

I released the video promo for the book yesterday and the response was worse than underwhelming. No one besides one  person on social media has responded to it at all. In total it has had 6 views in 24 hours.

In fact,a picture of a manhole cover I posted a couple days ago has a 23-to 1 response rate compared to the video. Just wow.

man hole

So I am re-thinking, not for the first time, my use of social media as a way to share my work. I feel like it sets me up to feel disappointed and depressed 95% of the time and it also encourages me to compare myself to other much younger artists who have huge social media followings. 

My reality is that I am not looking to get hired by a studio, or anyone else for that matter. I am not a free lancer. I fund my studio on my own and I am funding the book’s publication on my own and not looking for a handout or beating the drums of Kickstarter or GoFundMe.

This blog automatically feeds to my Professional Facebook page, Twitter and Linked-In at publication. I think that’s sufficient. Especially in light of this last personal Facebook video posting not even getting noticed at all.

My time is important is to me. The time I’ve spent playing nursemaid to social media posts could have been better spent doing many more productive things – things that actually pay-off and have a positive impact on my life rather than leaving me feeling like my work sucks and I am incompetent as an artist.

One gift of being older and wiser is that I am very proactive when it comes to nurturing my emotional and spiritual health. When something begins affecting me adversely, be it an individual, a behavior, a place or an organization – I have no problem jettisoning it from my life.

So, this will be the last blog post I will take the time to secondarily post to my personal Facebook page.  Y’all know where to find me.  LOL

“An entire ocean of water cannot sink a ship – unless it gets inside.”

Until next time …