Lesson Learned! I got scammed!

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Yeah, yeah … I of ALL PEOPLE should know better than try to buy “LEGAL” used copies of older Adobe software on Ebay.

Seriously – my ability to even convince myself that this was a rational and positive decision is truly astounding. 

But alas …. I went ahead and did it. As one might expect – I got scammed. But what was even more annoying was that when I requested that I return the malfunctioning software for a full refund, ($118.50) the Seller began talking down to me like I was a 13 year old  …

And he condescendingly argued, and he argued, and he argued … and finally, he just pissed me off beyond my ability to even comprehend the sheer scope of his father-figure fetish and endless narcissism.

So, Fuck This Guy. I reported him to Ebay, PayPal, my bank and Adobe software. Luckily PayPal had not even charged my card for the purchase yet – so I have lost no money. *whew*

Until next time …