Bookmark Give-Away


Hey Art Peeps! I’m sending out this freebie printable pack of bookmarks to my mailing list tonight! If you’re not signed-up for freebies you can do so here.

I’m doing some minor renovations and repainting to the studio and studio bathroom so I’m not at the computer much right now – I hope to be finished with everything by April 2nd.

But! I have been making many new decisions on workflow and tools that will best aide me in producing the book as quickly and efficiently as possible. I’ve noticed that lately, regarding the book, I have been focused solely on traditional software and methods, and not really thinking OUTSIDE the box regarding production.


For example – employing After Effects, typically used for film special effects and motion graphics – as a part of the book illustration pipeline. There is very little info available about using After Effects to create static images for publication – regardless, I feel I can really improve my work flow by adding it as a tool.

That’s all from here! Hope this post finds you all doing well!

Until next time …