Studio Housekeeping & Miscellany


Happy Saturday Art Peeps!

I finally (after 30 years of making the same mistake repeatedly) dedicated this morning to migrating ALL my working folders & files OFF the Windows Desktop and onto the Hard Drive, then created Desktop short-cuts to active working files.

On the desk here you can see a stack of photos – these are photos of clouds I took in 1994 (over 25 years ago) that I am finally scanning and digitizing. These clouds were so amazing that I actually played hooky from work that day to drive all around the San Francisco Bay Area and photograph them! This was back in the day when photos had to be processed and printed by a lab – it seems so unreal now, huh? LOL

You might also spy what looks like bookmarks – you’d be right! I will be releasing a FREE printable pack of INTERSECTION Bookmarks to the mailing list soon – so if you have not signed-up for freebies yet, please do so here. 

Also I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has already signed-up and to the phenomenal group of people now following this blog. Your participation, support and encouragement mean so much to me and I am so happy you chose to join me on this journey!

I was recently asked what I listen to while I am working – occasionally audio books but mostly music and my tastes are all over the place – right now I’m enjoying ambient and psychedelic trance (psytrance) Recent  favorites include:


Apple and Stone 



This type of music really pairs well and flows with the work I’m doing on INTERSECTION.

Personal Note: jimtsu is a wonderful, personal friend of mine in Second Life & on Facebook – his work includes a wide range of ambient mixes featuring flute and guitar and you can purchase and download his albums here:

Hope this post finds you all enjoying your weekend!

Until next time …