Blender 2.8 & Kitbash3D

Blender 2.8

A new tool is being added to the book project – Blender 2.8

I had already committed to learning Blender 2.79 but after I saw a few reviews of the 2.8 Beta I immediately grabbed a download.

The main difference between the two versions is the new intuitive interface, which is very much like a familiar product to me, Photoshop. Also new is the Real Time Render Engine – EVEE.

Having worked in Real Time Animation several years ago I am a BIG FAN.  The ability of not having to sit around for hours waiting for a render (unless you have some mega render farm) is a game-changer.


I was recently introduced to a new product geared especially towards matte painters and environment designers – Kitbash3D.  When I signed-up for their news letter I got a free kit to play with – very cool indeed!

It is my hope that by learning and implementing more tools and new software I can bring you the most mind- blowingly phantasmagorical, other-worldly images I can.

Until next time …