The Book Has Begun

book progress

Book Layout Page 1

I’ve begun the initial layout for the book pages.  This will be my first hardcover book so that’s pretty exciting!

The dimensions of the book will be 11″ x 8.5″ and will be published by IngramSpark.

The book layout will be done in Adobe InDesgn  and the art will be produced and composited using Adobe After Effects, Blender 3D, Mandlebulb 3D and Photoshop.

I am shooting for a 50 page minimum and we’ll see from there.

Now the COOL NEWS –

Peeps on my mailing list will receive, randomly chosen and free, printable downloads of images from the book as the process goes on.  Besides printing them you can also use them as desktop wallpapers or whatever you want! No requests please. I will just release surprise freebie emails every now and then.

To get on my mailing list please go to and sign-up!

I hope this post finds you all doing well and I’ll post my book progress as regularly as I can.

Until next time …