Old Fart Celebrates Early Birthday

Picture 55

I will be 64 tomorrow and got an early B-Day gift from a friend. It completes my collection of books BY and ABOUT my posthumous soulmate and artistic mentor Edward Gorey. Here’s my favorite photo of him –

Edward Gorey with cats

I very rarely blog about my personal life here.  This is my art website, not a personal journal. But on the passing of 64 years on this planet I wanted to say something.

I’ve had some difficult challenges recently that have forced me to reflect-on and observe who I am and what I am all about as a person, an artist and someone who does not fit into gender norms, which prompts people around me to continually judge me, label me, and treat me with fear and suspicion. To the point where I look in the mirror and feel like some type of Freakish Frankenstein Monster who should never have been brought into existence.

And I’ve had to endure this for 64 years.  It’s been like death by a million little paper cuts.

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