Holiday Fun Begins

Christmas Shop Front_002

Well, after taking 3 months off I got “the itch” to go back into the virtual world and open a little shop. After spending the last 10 Holiday Seasons making content there it just didn’t feel right not to.

I had been working quietly in stealth mode there doing photography for the Mysterious Mechanic Catalog – and out of curiosity I went to my old shop location in New Babbage (a steampunk community of  engineers and inventors whose motto is, “What could possibly go wrong?”) The shop was available so I re-rented it.



I really do enjoy inventing and building virtual objects and vehicles and I enjoy the company of other builders and inventors. We share a common sense of escapism, humor and eccentricity that I find so refreshing in today’s world.

On my shop windows is painted –

Curious Contraptions, Conveyances & Dangerous Libations

Bizarre Tomfoolery, Dark Jocularity & General Mischief

That about sums it up!

Until next time …