A Day of Ennui

Picture 46

I spent the day in bed, mostly reading and watching documentaries about fantasy world artists, mythological trips to the underworld and looking at a couple new books that recently arrived in the mail.

I am actually struggling to do this blog daily right now. I feel I have nothing of relevance to share with you – but I did make the commitment to post daily, so I shall plod on.

These bouts of low energy and depression sometimes herald the coming of a large idea that is moving up from deep in my subconscious to the more shallow areas of consciousness where I can harvest its essence and bring it forth into the world. When ideas come to me they always arrive fully formed, which may explain the discomfort I feel from their ascent. Like trying to swallow un-chewed food.

While reading today I have felt fleeting moments of a strange stirring of thoughts, ghost images flickering just outside my conscious awareness. Perhaps I will know more soon.

Until next time …