Peaceful Snowfall

Peaceful Snowfall

“Peaceful Snowfall” – Ink, Marker, Watercolor and Pencil.

While I was working on this I was listening to a 4 hour talk given in 1997 by James Hillman, a noted Jungian psychologist. I was amazed that he actually predicted the rise of Trump and Nationalism based on his observation that we never grieved the loss of the Vietnam War, which began the silent unraveling of our country’s overarching ‘America as hero’ myth, thus sewing feelings of resentment, suspicion and passive aggression into the middle class male population.

A fascinating talk. You can find it here:

I filmed the making of this piece, but because it was such a tedious process, I need to find the right type of audio track to go with it and do some heavy editing- so it will not be released immediately.

Until next time …