My Secret Pen Pal


I woke-up this morning thinking about my secret pen pal. I don’t have a secret pen pal, but I sometimes think they really do exist and we just haven’t met yet. I think one day they will stumble upon this blog or see one of my little films and they will immediately know that we were meant to be secret pen pals and they will write to me.

When I think about my secret pen pal I always smile. Because I know we would have so much fun sharing stories from our inner worlds. Stories we never told anyone else. We would send each other strange little things in the mail that would have absolutely no meaning to anyone else. But we would know how important they were – we would confer upon these treasures deep meaning.

My secret pen pal would “get” me and my imagination and I would “get” theirs too. They wouldn’t think anything I said or did was odd or weird. They would look forward with great anticipation to hearing from me as I would them.

We would always be delighted to hear from each other and our worlds would each become a brighter place because of the pure joy found in our correspondence.

Until next time …