The Travel Journal of Phineas P. Flanagan

Phineas P

Listed among the various holdings and acquisitions discovered in the Mysterious Mechanic Warehouse was a travel diary once belonging to a Mr. Phineas P. Flanagan. Some stories suggest he was actually the estranged younger brother of the Mysterious Mechanic and that he’d chosen to leave the family business in search of his own fame and fortune. Other stories suggest he was cast-out of the family due to a scandal that was quickly covered-up. We shall never know any of this for sure.

Flanagan, a traveling salesman for The Underwood Fountain Pen Company, is said to have answered directly to the company’s founder, a dark figure simply known as ‘Mr. Underwood’, who was rumored to be the founder of a mystical secret society.

According to the journal, besides his regular sales work, Flanagan was tasked with hunting down and acquiring 3 extremely rare Fountain Pens – called the Bronze, Silver and Gold Dragons, so named for their respective metals and the intricate carving of their barrels which included inlaid jewels – diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

It is generally agreed among fountain pen collectors that these pens are nothing more than the stuff of myth. Still, vague and curious stories persist concerning their origin and history,  one of which was that whoever owned all three would possess the the god-like power of immortality. Other stories purported that the pens were cursed, having been forged deep in the bowels of hell and whoever handled them would surely come to an untimely and excruciating end.

Whether he found any of the pens and what ultimately became of Flanagan remain, in themselves,  mysteries.  His last journal entries appear to be the incoherent babbling of a lunatic – raving on about ‘spontaneous inter-dimensional teleportation’ –  there is speculation he may have gone mad and died of syphilitic brain lesions while traveling in Tibet.

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