Production Delay & New Work Practices

ADDENDUM – Shortly after posting this I was backing-up some more files and BOOM! The newly installed Windows 10 died again and went into the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. Although I was able to recover it after 30 minutes I am now afraid to turn it off for fear it will not boot up again. 

I was having issues with my Wacom Intuos3 tablet no longer functioning in Windows 10 and the problems began expanding to my software exponentially. While checking into probable causes I learned that Microsoft had issued a buggy system update in October so I attempted to roll-back my system to an earlier restore point – the computer completely locked-up and would no longer boot into Windows.

Fearing that all my recent work files had been lost I called a local PC repair shop and took it in. The guy who runs the shop said almost ALL of his customers had to have their computers fixed by him due to the same reason.

So 2 days without a computer and $158.00 later I got it back – he was able to salvage my files but all the software had to be reinstalled and because he had all my information on a transfer drive at this shop I needed to reset 96 password protected accounts – I chose to only reset all the sensitive accounts – financial, Google Gmail, Social Security, Social Media sites, online shopping, etc. I have a lot of accounts for work media content downloading that I do not feel are security issues.

After reviewing the computer last night and reinstalling and testing all my software this morning  -today I will call him and tell him to delete the contents of the transfer drive.

Having gone through this painful ordeal I put together a plan for better work practices both in the studio and with my online activities.

During my down time I did some re-reading of a couple books-

I highly recommend them – I got so much more out of reading them a second time.

I also re-read a Manga (Japanese Graphic Novel) I had on the shelf for many years – and I was SHOCKED to see on Amazon that a new paperback copy of this costs $438.00 !!! Used ones are going for $65.00! and the new copy of the Hardcover is selling for $3,449.00 !!!! HOLY COW!!!


So – now that the computer is on track and everything is working it’s back to the studio for me to begin animating Dark Thoughts.

Part of my new work strategy is to do a little post here everyday and begin showing you more of my work processes – in conjunction with this I will be curtailing my social media activities to a large degree.

Stay-Tuned! I will be letting you know about the Christmas Give-Away very soon!

Until next time …