Work Cost – 3D versus 2D versus AI

I thought this video was a really fascinating look at the cost of 3D modeling and AI technology.

Having just ended my time (7 years) working in a virtual world, building and scripting  3D vehicles and other products, I can attest to how expensive it can get – even on a personal level like mine. From January through September ( 9 months) of this year I spent $805.39 in a virtual world to sustain a work space, showroom and building components. ($805.39 is nearly 2 months of mortgage payments for me and is over 3% of my annual income)

How much money did I make off my virtual products for 2018?  $2.79!  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that this was a negative cash flow money suck-hole for me.

Other than pencils, pens, ink, paint and paper it costs me nothing to work in 2D. My digital tools were paid for long, long ago – over 10 years now for most of it. I am not one of the people who pays Adobe $599.88 a year for the privilege of using their software – no, when I saw Adobe heading in this greedy subscription direction I purchased their last free-standing Master Creative Suite – CS5.5  – Same thing with Toon Boom now called “Harmony” which can now only be accessed with a costly subscription ($876.00 a year!).

So by purchasing just these 2 software packages years ago I’ve saved myself almost $1,500.00 a year. In 5 years that has added-up to $7,500.00!

Yesterday I did a post about the dangers of artists becoming “Tool-centric” 

Anyway, back to the video – the cost of creating 3D is astronomical to be sure (for something that does not actually exist in the physical world and can only be seen by using a computer)  and I agree with the presenter that they need to find more economical ways to generate content.  I also agree that AI is certainly a valid direction to travel in. It’s easy for me to say this because I do not work in the digital 3D art industry. Despite my 7 years in a virtual world, I have always seen myself as a 2D artist (our history goes back 40,800 years)  and until Artificial Intelligence can hold a pencil and drink beer it will NEVER replace 2D artists.

Until next time …