Production Begins and Tool Thoughts

currently-animatingProduction begins today on my animated short film. It should have begun yesterday but I got stuck for over 6 hours trying to solve a tool problem – namely my Wacom Intuos 3 drawing tablet had stopped functioning in Windows 10. intuos3-a4-usb-tablet

I’ve owned this tablet for close to 10 years – it is a heavily used, tried and true tool that has never let me down. So I was not ready to just let it go and buy a new one when I ran into trouble. I’ve tried the Cintiq’s and frankly, I just don’t like them. I don’t like drawing on a screen. It is not comfortable for me.

So I fought for over 6 hours, researching fixes online, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, changing registry settings, turning app services on and off and restarting my computer endlessly until I finally figured it out and my tablet worked again.

And this struggle reminded me of some videos that recently horrified me from an accomplished digital artist and YouTuber. It struck me as “really bad advice” to young artists starting out.  Basically in his videos the guy (I will not use his name to personally disparage him) was talking about all the expensive high-end, high tech tools he had in his studio, and WOW, he had a LOT of them! Ultra high-end microphones, pre-amps, headphones, cameras, the hugest Cintiq I have ever seen … The Wacom Cintiq 27qhd, including the Wacom Ergo Stand – that combination alone is easily worth close to $3,000.00

His videos were all about the tools – and this is a mind-trap I see many creators get into – I can’t do (fill in the blank) until I have the “right tool” – my art won’t be acceptable until I have the latest and greatest technology,  so-and-so has THIS TOOL in his studio so I MUST have one in my studio in order to do work like his.

Yes – I am guilty of thinking this same exact way in my earlier years as a creator – and it caused a lot of pain, frustration, heartache and most of all – WASTED TIME, which is why I want to warn YOU about it.

A beloved colleague of mine has spoken about this and I want to share his video here –

Until next time …