From Book to Film

25 years ago I began an illustrated book – it was to be an alphabet book of understated murders … here’s some  examples –

C is for Cameron online preview

B is for Babs online preview

Nathaniel online preview

The trouble is – I could never bring myself to finish it. I recently completed an interview with a magazine in Germany where the interviewer asked me a question about the story line of a computer game I created and she wondered how it differed from writing a book. I replied in part … “I do not have the patience to write a book…”

That sentiment pretty much sums-up the issue.

But the project remained in my subconscious and over the years my ideas changed about it and what constituted my “Dark Thoughts.”

I recently re-visited the work of one of my animation heros, Don Hertzfeldt. And it sparked an idea … why not make my book idea into an animated short?

So, I resurrected my animation software.

And I am now busy writing a rough outline for how I want the film to be structured. I never script my little films – never ever. They always begin with an idea and I literally follow my nose down the rabbit hole of that idea until I feel I have sufficiently told a story.

I anticipate this will be a challenging project on many levels and I find that aspect exciting. Winter is on the way and I think this is a perfect winter project – the light changes in my studio as the seasons change and I am unduly affected by the light in my studio – there’s one more eccentricity unmasked.

Until next time …